Increasing access for local people to sports and training facilities is a central part of the proposal. There are significant benefits to the local community and you can read more about them here.

We would like to submit a planning application in Summer 2024. The feedback we receive from the community will be summarised in a report that will accompany the planning application.

The design team and supporting specialist technical consultants are currently preparing drawings, plans and undertaking technical assessments.

If we receive planning permission from Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council and Sevenoaks District Council, we expect to be able to welcome the community by 2028.

The site is located within the green belt, but it is not within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). This means that very special circumstances will need to be demonstrated when the planning application is determined by Sevenoaks District and Tonbridge and Malling Borough Councils.

National and local policy outlines support for enhancing existing facilities and the local economic benefits generated from tourist facilities which is a key consideration.

The design is being created to achieve net zero carbon. From the design of the buildings, through to the energy strategy and drainage system, sustainability and climate change will be at the heart of decision making to ensure the London Project can deliver on this objective.

Best practice methods of construction will be implemented seeking to minimise disruption and limit movements on and off site through the reuse of material. The construction process will be controlled and managed by an agreed Construction Management Plan with both Councils.

The existing facilities will continue as they are during construction.

Much of the traffic that will be drawn to the site will occur during off-peak periods and will be spread throughout the day, which will minimise the impact on the operation of the local highway network.

The project team are engaging with Kent County Council Highways and National Highways to discuss and agree the scope and methodology of the Transport Assessment that will accompany a planning application. This assessment will include consideration of both highway safety and capacity impacts in the local area, as well as at the nearby motorway junctions.

Proposed transport measures include a shuttle bus to local railway stations, a Travel Plan and Public Right of Way (PRoW) and improvements to ensure non-car and sustainable transport options are used during the construction and operational phases. There is the potential for the shuttle bus to be offered to members of the wider community to supplement the existing bus network serving West Kingsdown and local villages.

The proposals conserve and restore this historic building, establishing it as a high quality wedding venue with accommodation and a registry office.

This consultation website will be updated as the planning application progresses and there will be ongoing opportunities to give your feedback. You can sign up to our mailing list below to be kept up to date with consultation events and updates, or get in touch with any questions using the contact details on the next tab.