June 2024 update – Thank you to those who have provided feedback so far.

Our first stage of consultation began with the launch of this website and a leaflet drop to 1,500 addresses, before our first consultation event on the 9th May.

At the event, we spoke to around 60 members of the public. The team shared the proposals, answered questions and listened to feedback.

We received a wide range of feedback, both written and at the event, all of which is being reviewed by the team. There was positivity for the new facilities and opportunities for the local community, along with interest in the restoration of South Ash Manor and excitement around the proposed lodges. There were questions around increased volumes of traffic and public access for horse riding and walking.

The majority of attendees left their contact details with us so we can keep them up to date with the proposals.

We will advertise a second stage of consultation shortly where there will be further opportunities to provide feedback.

Please do check back for updates or get in touch with the team with any questions or suggestions.

The deadline for initial feedback was the 24th May but you can still provide feedback and get in touch with the team using the form and contact details below.

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If you have feedback, a question or suggestion for the team you can get in touch by emailing us at consultation@iceniprojects.com or calling 07795 614 307.